Definition of XK469R

The racemic form of a synthetic quinoxaline phenoxypropionic acid derivative with antineoplastic properties. XK469R selectively inhibits topoisomerase II by stabilizing the enzyme-DNA intermediates in which topoisomerase subunits are covalently linked to DNA through 5-phosphotyrosyl linkages, thereby interfering with dna repair and replication, RNA and protein synthesis. This agent possesses unusual solid tumor selectivity and activity against multidrug-resistant cancer cells. XK469R is more water soluble and active than the pure isomers, R(+)XK469 and S(-)XK469. (NCI05)

XK469R is from the group

Topoisomerase-II Inhibitor

Other Names for XK469R

Racemic XK469
Propanoic acid, 2-[4-[(7-chloro-2-quinoxalinyl)oxy]-phenoxy]-, (+ /-)-
XK469 Racemic


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Topics #(+ /-)- XK469 Racemic XK469R #2-[4-[(7-chloro-2-quinoxalinyl)oxy]-phenoxy]- #Racemic XK469 Propanoic acid