We're looking for health-care professionals and students to help us develop content for this and related websites. We are currently building pages on basic science (eg. Neuroscience, pharmacology, physiology, etc.) and clinical topics. The target audience includes medical students and professionals.


  • Have a professional degree (or be a student in a professional degree program), preferably an MD, DO or RN. Note that we are happy to work with rising 2nd year and 4th year medical students, but we believe that 3rd year medical students should be concentrating on rotations.
  • Be a capable, dependable writer.
 Write on medical topics


We are looking for people to contribute in the following ways:

  • Write base pages for a medical education wiki. The pages are about 500 words, and should be geared at the level of knowledge required for USMLE steps 1 and 2. The base pages are not expected to be comprehensive, but should form a core for further development by other contributors. The wiki currently has nearly 200 pages. Authors would be paid $20/page.
  • Editing and fleshing out wiki pages, including adding images, linking in videos, cross-linking pages, and ensuring quality of pages. Editors would be paid $10/page.
  • Editing and posting netdoc newsfeed articles and responding to/starting threads on the netdoc forum. This is a daily task (5 days/week) taking about 30 min. An editor would be paid $150/month.


Send an email inquiry to editor@netdoc.com with your contact information, a brief bio, CV, and the topic area on which you are interested in contributing.

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