Definition of WNT-10B Protein

Encoded by human WNT10B Gene (WNT Family), 389-amino acid 43 kD (precursor) WNT-10B protein is expressed in most adult tissues — heart and skeletal muscle (highest), brain (low — infant brain higher than adult). Highly-conserved structurally related WNT proteins are 350-400 amino acid, cysteine-rich, short-range putative paracrine signaling glycoprotein ligands for frizzled family seven transmembrane receptors involved in embryonic cell fate determination and patterning, as well as cell growth or differentiation in some adult mammalian tissues. WNT10B may govern adipogenesis: maintaining undifferentiated preadipocytes through inhibition of adipogenic transcription factors CEBPA and PPAR-gamma. WNT signaling blockage by axin induces these cells to differentiate into adipocytes. This pathway may also affect mesodermal cell fate determination. (from Swiss-Prot, OMIM, and NCI)

WNT-10B Protein is from the group

WNT Family Protein

Other Names for WNT-10B Protein

WNT-10B Protein
WNT-12 Protein
Wingless-Type MMTV Integration Site Family, Member 10B Protein


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