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Patricia King, JD

Patricia King, JD 

Patricia King is a health care attorney in Illinois, and principal of the web-based business Digital Age Healthcare LLC (

Pat writes on topics including comparative effective research, electronic medical and health records (EMR / EHR), and the medico-legal implications of the move to digital medicine.


Ardena Flippin, MD, MBA

Ardena Flippin, MD, MBA

Ardena Flippin brings a wealth of experience, starting with her long tenure as an attending physician at the Cook County Hospital Emergency Department. She is currently Corporate Compliance and HIPAA Privacy Officer at major Chicago hospital.

She is a keynote speaker focusing on the health care crisis facing corporations today (

Ardena writes on topics including health care disparities, emergency medicine, and HIPAA policy and implementation.

Jeff Waggoner, MD

Jeff Waggoner, MD

J.R. Waggoner, M.D. practiced family medicine for thirty years in Aurora, Colorado. He also worked as a consultant and herded cats as the managing general partner of a general partnership of physicians. Three years ago, he left his practice to study health care policy and write. During his time away from clinical work, he has written two books and worked as a Senior Clinical Content Specialist and freelance writer.

His current book Medical Metamorphosis: The three step cure for America's health care crisis is available at 

Jeff writes about health care reform from the perspective of a long-time primary care physician. His style is lively and humorous.

Naoum Issa, MD, PhD

Naoum is a neurobiologist at the University of Chicago and the Medical and Scientific Editor at

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