To get the most out of your plan, you should set goals for when specific tactics will be used, and assign tasks to staff in your practice. For example, you can set a formal goal of meeting three new physicians in the next month, and setting up lunch appointments for networking purposes. For media, you can set a goal of submitting two articles/press releases per month, or serving as an expert in one article per month. For outreach, you can make a goal of one free screening per quarter at your clinic.

Your goals should be prioritized. What is most important to you now – getting referrals from new physicians or building a reputation in the community? Timelines should be included in the mix, so that marketing does not become a "to-do" that never gets done.

Most important of all, marketing tasks should be assigned to a specific person. Referring to your original plan, assign media inquiries or physician contacts to specific staff (including yourself) according to workload and responsibilities.


Through a methodical process of abstract and tactical planning, and medical marketing implementation, you will see your practice grow in patients and in revenues.

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Amy Lillard was a regulatory and marketing professional at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University for 4 years prior to writing on healthcare topics. The author discloses no financial conflicts of interest with the content of this article. 

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