Marketing a medical practice should involve an appropriate mix of networking, advertising/promotion, and community outreach.

  • Networking: In order to be considered for referrals by local physicians, a relationship must exist. This relationship should be based on respect and mutual benefit. To build these relationships, you must make a concerted effort. Discover new physicians in town or at the hospital. Meet entrenched doctors through hospital or committee meetings. Arrange some personal meetings that can include lunch or other friendly events. Keep a database of the physicians you have met and the ones you would like to meet. Be sure to follow up any personal meetings with thank you notes or other correspondence.
  • Media: Invite local papers or other media to call on you as an expert. To do this, ensure you have a portfolio that includes your photo, CV, specialities, and a list of lectures and articles you are willing to prepare. In addition, utilize the power of press releases – send announcements about free events, new services and more to local papers, radio, and TV.
  • Website: Develop a user-friendly website that will answer patient questions and invite them to your door. Your website should include your medical philosophy, the services offered, health plans you honor, information about your physicians, directions and maps. Describe upcoming seminars and screenings. Include medical information and FAQs. Post your newsletter on the website. Remember to keep it current, interesting, and useful to patients, physicians, and you and your staff
  • Community Outreach: Stay with your patients before and after they need you. Send out a practice newsletter full of practical health tips and issues. After appointments, send thank you letters and/or contact them to ask about any questions or concerns. Recruit new patients through free screenings at your clinic (and don’t forget to advertise these events)
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