Smartphone use in the healthcare setting is changing quickly – both in terms of the technology and its adoption by healthcare providers. While a variety of companies provide medical software for the PDA, the burgeoning class of smartphones have opened a new market for portable software solutions.

Chris Thorman at now reports on a survey of smartphone use by healthcare providers. The results of the smartphone survey are pretty clear: among anyone associated with a hospital – with the notable exception of hospital administrators – the iPhone is the smartphone of choice.


One caveat brought up in the comments, however, is that the up-and-coming competitor, the Palm Pre, was only just released, so it is not yet clear whether that will make headway in this niche.

The other interesting note is that e-prescribing has not yet taken hold. Given the emphasis on reducing pharmacy errors through IT, it's somewhat surprising that not a single respondent used the smartphone for e-prescribing despite a clear desire to have this functionality (although Pat King notes that the leading cause of physician lawsuits is misdiagnosis, not wrong prescriptions). Is it really the case that there isn't a single e-prescribing application that currently works well?