Definition of Diepoxybutane

A colorless, highly flammable, liquid cyclic ether. Diepoxybutane is primarily used for research purposes, but is also used as a curing agent for polymer resins and as a cross-linking agent for making synthetic textile fibers. exposure to this substance can severely irritate and burn the eyes and skin and can cause liver damage. Diepoxybutane is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen based on evidence of carcinogenicity in experimental animals. (NCI05)

Diepoxybutane is from the group

Carcinogenic Epoxide

Other Names for Diepoxybutane

1,1′-Bi(ethylene Oxide)
1,2,3,4- Diepoxybutane
Butadiene Dioxide


NCI Thesaurus License

Topics #1'-Bi(ethylene Oxide) 1 #2 #2'-Bioxirane Butadiene Dioxide DEB #3 #4- Diepoxybutane 2 #Diepoxybutane 1