After the Interview

When the interview is finished, you should have a good idea of thecandidate’s personality, work experience and ethic, and appropriatenessof including him or her in your staff. Applicants should leave withclear notions of what the job entails.

Be sure to write down your impressions of the candidate, answers thatstuck in your mind, and further questions either during or immediatelyafter interview.

Forfollow-up, always contact the candidate’s references and formeremployers. Some physicians even go so far as to perform backgroundchecks. The goal of checking into the candidate’s past is to confirm ortest his or her professionalism, work ethic, and inter-office dynamics.

To ensure that your practice runs smoothly, make the hiring process fornew staff methodical and logical. It will result in a better caliber ofcandidates, and an increased likelihood for a good fit.

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