Ever consideredhow hiring the right office staff can affect your practice’s success?

Medical office staff 

Askmost physicians, and you will find a similar answer. Office staff iscrucial to the financial, social and cultural success of your group.

If only it were as easy as advertising or asking around. The trouble isit’s difficult to find that right person. Instead of finding the staffmember that can complete your office, an ineffective interview mayresult in the person that is bad for office dynamics and economics.

This article will discuss what you need to know before and during interviews to find that dream teammate.

Do you know what you need?

Thinkabout it. Chances are that that you have been for some time. Perhapsyour practice has grown, and your existing staff is overworked. Orperhaps you’ve instituted some new policies and procedures, andadditional staff will be needed to make it work.

Ideally,you have reached the decision to hire staff after consulting with yourcurrent staff, especially your medical office manager. Now take it one stepfurther. What will new staff be doing?

Beforeadvertising or recruiting, it is essential to have a job descriptionthat is agreed upon by the office. To do this, think about your idealcandidate. What would you like help with? What kind of person will beable to help you with this? What qualities will the candidate need?What kind of experience will be needed to perform the office tasks youhave designated?

Organizingyour thoughts (and your manager's input) on these issues will guideyour search. For example, if you are looking for someone with certaintypes of experience, perhaps you should advertise on health careerboards, or send out some feelers within your personal network. If youare looking for someone with certain qualities and medical experienceis not as necessary, you can cast a wider net. Consider newspaperclassifieds, job boards, and more.

Finally,along with a job description, be sure to have some idea of salary inmind. If you prefer, this figure does not need to be advertised, but itwill help narrow down candidates.

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