The Medical Resource Group, LLC is looking for potential interactions with complementary companies or educational institutions, whether web-based or not. We currently work with several firms to provide services to physician practices and welcome discussions of other opportunities.

If you are interested in discussing options, please contact us at through the netdoc contact page.


Hospital Rankings Search Box on Your Website

You may place a search box for the hospital ratings on your website. The easiest way to do so is to place a call to our search box javascript. Simply copy and paste the following code into your website:

<script xsrc="" type="text/javascript"></script>

This is what the search box looks like:


If you would like to have a different format for the search box, please please email us at: admin (at) or call 1- 866-552-6428.

Content for Medical Websites

We provide medical news feeds for medically related websites, like physician or practice sites. The articles are written for the lay person, but have enough detail to be of interest to medical professionals. News feeds are organized by medical specialty, with a general news feed that includes all specialties.

We also have an affiliate program for medical web designers who are interested in using content on sites they design.

To inquire, please email us at: admin (at) or call 1- 866-552-6428.

Medical Software

MRG, LLC has one of the largest number of visitors looking for medical software on the web. Traffic comes from a variety of sites including, among others, and

In particular we are looking for affiliates who produce EMR and other medical practice tools.

To inquire, please email us at: admin (at)

CME Courses

If you would like to promote your CME courses, whether on line or live course, you can post to our free listings. Simply contact us with the course information (if you are listing a few courses) or work with us to upload your full database of courses (for large numbers of courses). To inquire, please email us at: admin (at)

Physician Jobs

With a large presence on several physician and healthcare websites, we serve thousands of physician and nursing job listings every day.

You can post a job to our database through the netdoc healthcare employers resource page.


Medical Resource Group, LLC websites serve over a million pages a month targeted to medical professionals and students. We go through e-healthcaresolutions for targeted banner advertising (Phone: (609) 882-8887 e-mail:

Press Releases and Resource Listings

When appropriate we are happy to run relevant press releases or list resources for physicians. Simply contact us with the information through the netdoc contact page.

Contributing Content

We welcome proposals for original informational content (non-marketing) to run on netdoc. If your article is published, an "about the author" paragraph will run at the bottom and can include a link to your business or website.

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