Definition of 1 1-Dimethylhydrazine

A clear, colorless, flammable, hygroscopic liquid with a fishy smell that emits toxic fumes of nitrogen oxides when heated to decomposition, and turns yellow upon contact with air. 1,1-Dimethylhydrazine is mainly used as a high-energy fuel in jets and rockets, but is also used in chemical synthesis, in photography and to control the growth of vegetation. This substance is also found in tobacco products. exposure to 1,1-dimethylhydrazine results in irritation of skin, eyes and mucous membranes, and can affect liver and central nervous system. 1,1-Dimethylhydrazine is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen. (NCI05)

1 1-Dimethylhydrazine is from the group

Organo-nitrogen Carcinogen

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